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ALASKA Transport Management

About ALASKA Transport Management

From the side of broker-carriers, we were invited to develop software for the management of hired transport.


The development of software to enable the users to take full advantage of the software having a minimum knowledge of IT. The software should allow the processing of orders at maximum speed. For this it was a prerequisite to establish both an existing customer / supplier file and a loading / docking file so as to avoid time losses whilst entering data. The system also had to be able to easily duplicate repetitive tasks with standard data so that only the differing information needed to be filled in. Billing needed to be fully automated. An on-line budget control system needed to be installed. Furthermore, a website portal needed to be installed. Lastly, the export of invoices to the most common accounting packages was required.


The issues above have been fully addressed. Moreover we have opted for a cloud solution with a web-based interface so as to ensure access to the system from any location. This is most useful given the multitude of speed orders and incoming data outside of office hours. The ALASKA Transport Management software offers a complete and mobile solution for broker-carriers.


The most important features and capabilities of the ALASKA Transport Management software are:

  • File management
  • Back office management
  • Website front office system
  • Track & trace management
  • Document management system
  • Invoice module
  • Direct link accountancy software (in/out)
  • Multilingual