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ALASKA Web Portal

About ALASKA Web Portal

A recent innovation is our ALASKA Web Portal. This webportal is quite unique and offers our customers exceptional opportunities. The ALASKA WebPortal enables you (and your customers) to consult on site via the internet all project info.

The ALASKA WebPortal further allows your customers to:

  • enter the data for their project, including the VGM data;
  • consult online the status of their project. Consequently, they do not need to contact your staff anymore on this.

This work methodology offers several major advantages:

  • The workload of your team is drastically reduced. Your team members can indeed limit their activities to checking the completeness and accuracy of the data. They do not need to insert them themselves anymore;
  • Equally your team does not need to answer anymore status requests as your customer can consult this online;
  • The risk of errors during the data entering process is significantly reduced.

The ALASKA Web Portal is not a stand-alone product, but is integrated with ALASKA Forwarding or ALSKA Liner Agency.