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Purchase or SaaS / ASP

Taking into account your capacities, needs and perspectives, we offer you the choice to opt for purchasing the ALASKA software or using the software via the SaaS / ASP formula. Some considerations regarding this choice:


This formula still remains interesting for larger enterprises:

  • The cost of ownership per user is usually lower
  • Realization of “own” software, fully customized is possible

Software as a Service / ASP

In the Software as a Service (SaaS) formula, standard software is offered as an online service.

In the Application Service Providing  (ASP) formula,  a software company offers the option of using the Internet to use business software. This software can still be adapted to the needs and requirements of the customer.

Based on our experience a mere SaaS product is not satisfactory to our clientele, therefore we have chosen to offer our software through the ASP formula.

This formula seems more interesting for smaller and growing companies. Some advantages:

  • The cost is user-based and in- or decreases in proportion to the number of users;
  • The customer can avoid high investment cost in software;