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Cost Efficient

Our mission is to achieve cost efficiencies with our customers through our software.

Our software and our approach are always aimed at enabling our customers to work efficiently, for example by:

  • Reducing the time wasted by double / multiple entry of the same data;
  • Enabling your customers to enter these data, which reduces the workload for your staff. This enables you to realize more sales with the same team and thus to reduce the relative salary costs. This opportunity we offer through the ALASKA Web Portal.

This solution does not necessarily have to cost much. We have taken all necessary measures so as to offer our software and support to our customers at attractive conditions:

  • For example, we have selected a database (MySQL) which is cost efficient as compared to traditional databases such as Oracle, Progress, or Microsoft SQL. This being said, we offer our customers complete freedom in the choice of the database. The development software we use allows for this choice.
  • We use the development software from PC Soft. PC Soft does to date not pursue an (expensive)¬† licensing policy such as Microsoft (.NET) and Progress. As a developer we only pay a limited license fee to use their software. Consequently we are not forced to pass on run-time fees to our customers. Again, this results in significant cost savings.
  • We offer our customers the choice as to the investment costs associated with the ALASKA software. Indeed they can choose to invest in the software or use the SaaS/ASP formula (i.e. monthly user fees).

Our service agreement is typically calculated on the basis of the number of users. In return for a limited contribution per month, which can offer a well-defined support . This enables us to handle all your questions regarding  the software with the highest priority.